Secret Elixir

Secret Elixir

Slot machine test: secret Elixir

There are slot machines such as sand on the sea, since every change is worth a lot. And the slot "Secret Elixir ™" can legitimately be considered particularly. This is an inherently simple mechanism that nevertheless has its charm. While there are five reels in "Secret Elixir ™", but the longest line can consist only of four fields. The reason is that the entire last roller instead is equipped with symbols with multipliers. And even a x 20 multiplier can appear in free spin rounds. This makes the Naidoo slot "Secret Elixir ™" most definitely a very interesting representative of his Guild. Odds of winning are therefore also not bad, even if two - or threefold multipliers mean of course not automatically high profits. Once you play freely, it's blow by blow. Do you see yourself, then you can make this casino for example in the Star Games.

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The possible line lengths are manageable in "Secret Elixir ™", because either the rows of three or four symbols are. Less is not, and more, on the basis of the multipliers, also not. But that opens up possibilities that you don't have with other slots so of course. Basically, it is but once to spin same symbols in a row, which will not be interrupted by other motives. With ten lines is also well equipped, so that any series can always be "Secret Elixir ™".

Important is basically that a winning line always on the left reel begins. Several occupied payline bring simply multiple profit at the same time. You can see how much income is in the payout table. If you now screw on the usage, you can see directly, how that affects the potential profits. With higher usage, you can make higher profits on the one hand, but your usage is consumed even faster.

The symbols on the slot game secret Elixir

10, J and Q are the simplest symbols occur quite frequently. While you bring only once not so much, but if there is still an appropriate multiplier on reel 5, a good profit to jump out there. It plays no role, whether on reel 4 a symbol completes the series, the multiplier counts when he is on the same payline. Because a double bet is also quickly from the otherwise simple profit from K and A.

However, the two statues that can bring good profits are

valuable. There are six use as profit, the multiplier four same symbols not included yet. The OWL is still valuable, but especially the woman and the man to fill your account with good profits. As in most slot machines it is interesting so right with scatter and wild. The man with the Aviator glasses has very good values not only for himself, but also serves as a Joker. Thus you can complete series other symbols so.

The wild symbol substitutes for all other motives, the scatter symbol is the exceptions in "Secret Elixir ™", so the green diamond. Also counts for themselves, but plays mostly from three symbols anywhere on the reels free games a. 12 free spins are impressive and can be won during these rounds in which you consume no usage, again. In addition, a multiplier of x will appear on the fifth reel 20, which can greatly increase your profits.

Slot machines instructions secret Elixir ™

You can make settings in two places before you spin the reels. One of usage, on the other hand the payline. However, it is advisable to play with many lines. After a successful turn profit, you may play cards risk on all or nothing. You're right with your choice of red and black, your win is doubled, otherwise you lose him again.

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